With all the rushing around at the end of last year, I neglected to personally thank you for the work on my 2002 Explorer. Between my personal vehicles and the company vehicles we’ve had you work on a number over the years. We keep coming back to you because you’re local, we feel you treat us fairly, and because we feel you do exceptional work. If it hadn’t been for the odometer on my Explorer, I would have thought I had a brand new vehicle. Of course I expected the outside would look good after you repainted a couple of doors that got “keyed”, but to my surprise the inside was totally cleaned as well. I want you to know that I appreciate the attention to detail that you gave my Explorer. It always makes me feel good to drive a vehicle that looks good, and I felt very good the day I picked up my Explorer from your business.

Thanks again for your fine service,
Steve R. of Oakdale

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